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About TravelwithKimmie

TravelwithKimmie offers Visa and Booking Services to different locales in the world on a budget. We simply get our clients to their desired destinations, hassle-free, and in the most cost-effective way.

We have been planning and executing efficient group travel and visa services since September 2018. Since then we have continued to grow tremendously.

Our commitment to great service only leaves you, our present and future clientele with one responsibility, ''Trust The Process" and leave it to us.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Extend Quality and Unmatched Services to our Clients through unique Experiences, Planning an values enabling all Clients to Travel with Confidence

Meet Our Founder

There is something so liberating about travel and the emotions that it evokes, it makes your whole being come alive! With over 10 years of experience traveling and booking trips, four years ago I decided to flip the script and turn what I like doing, traveling and travel planning into a business. What did I do? AND how did I do it? Well…this is the story of Kimona Myrie and my introduction to you.

Born in Hanover, Jamaica I moved to Montego Bay at the age of 19 for school and work. In a new space and willing to expand my horizon, I started the process of my first visa and celebrated with a trip to the USA. The rush was good and shortly thereafter frequent trips were made, quick weekend getaways, holidays, and anything in between.

Curiosity got the most of me to experience other countries, has over a two (2) year period I had travel to almost every state in the USA. I began a research process looking into Caribbean islands, England, and other European countries. Trips were made because I wanted new experiences!

At 24 years, after many trial and errors with the Schengen visa, I took my first trip to Europe and where literally the idea behind #TravelWithKimmie officially unfolded all because I was astonished at how budget-friendly r ‘cheap’ it was to travel there. I returned invigorated and wanted to share it with others in my circle. 

The business started off in November 2018 offering cheap airline tickets, then gradually adding visa services (US, CANADA & UK), accommodation, and things to do.

As my curiosity grew so did my services. the smiles of my clients that left a special mark on my heart after traveling with me. The biggest and most anticipate offering, as I grow, was the addition of group trips moving from 8 to a max of 30; traveling to the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Sharing my passion with you all through my services brings me the greatest joy. To date #Travelwithkimmie offers visa application and consultation services to over 100 countries, travel services to all countries, and travel Insurance. Thank you all for the continued support and for making us who we are today

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