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Adult Passport Renewal

In Order to qualify for online Passport Renewal:

1. The Passport you are renewing must be issued to you over the age of 18

2. You must have the physical passport, so it cannot be lost or stolen

3. You cannot be changing or adding a Name to the new passport

4. Your passport should be expiring within a year



*Clear Photo of your Passport

*Clear Photo of Birth Certificate 

*1 Clear Passport size Photograph(no older than 6 months)


*Your Email Address

*Your Phone Number

*Your Full Address

*Your Occupation

*Two Emergency Contacts

(Emergency Contacts:Full Name, Relationship to you, Full Address, Phone Number and Email Address)


Step 1- Please Email or whatsapp a clear copy of your Documents for review(picture/scanned is okay).

Step 2- Once reviewed and okay we will request payment via any of our payment method that is convenient to you.

Step 3- Once payment is confirmed we will begin processing of your application and send to you for online review.

Step 4- Once Revision is completed, We submit your application.

Step 5- Finally Pick Up and Delivery options are Arranged





*7 Business Days $11,000 JMD

*3 Business Days $14,000 JMD


*Approximately two weeks including Delivery Fee $28,124 JMD



Other Payment Methods

Pay with NCB

NCB USD-Account Name: Travelwithkimmie

Account Number: 435820913

Branch: Fairview


NCB JMD Account Name: Travelwithkimmie

Account Number:435820867

Branch: Fairview


Pay with ScotiaBank

Scotia USD -Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 000416986

Branch: Ironshore


Scotia JMD- Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 000411611

Branch: Ironshore


Pay with JN Bank USD

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number 2094152203


Pay with VMBS JMD

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 565911568


Pay with CIBC

CIBC JMD -Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 1002317795

CIBC USD- Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 1002317796


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