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Canada Visiting Visa


* Wait time to know if Approved/Denied Currently is 1-6 Months

           *Dates available this month for Biometrics submission if applicable
           *No Interview is done for this visa
           *Visas issued will be valid until your passport expires or until your                    most recent biometrics expires , whichever comes first.

Canada Visa Requirements





Passport Size Photo

Funds Available for Trip(Bank Statement)

Job Letter/Business Registration/Status Letter

Travel History(any previous visas/Travel stamps)

Proof of Ties to Home Country(Optional)

(Ties includes:House Title,Marriage certificate,Kids Birth Certificate,Assets)

Proof of Accommodation(invitation Letter/Hotel Itinerary)

NB: Hotel Itinerary provided by us if you don't have any

Click here to Complete Additional Information required for Application 



Requirements For Kids



Passport Size Photo

Birth Certificate

Invitation letter or hotel itinerary with child’s name

Proof of funds available to pay for child’s trip

Travel History(previously issued visas or travel stamps)if applicable

Consent Letter/Consent form for non-accompanying parent

Copy of non accompanying parent ID

Requirements from Person Inviting You to Canada

Invitation letter

Bank Statement/Pay Stubs(if they are paying for your trip)

ID or PR card(if they are paying for your trip)


Canadian Transit Visa


Valid Passport

Passport Size photo

Flight Itinerary to final destination

Proof of Accommodation for final destination

Funds Available for Trip



Visa Process/Procedure


Step 1- Please Email or whatsapp a clear copy of your Documents for review(picture/scanned is okay).

Step 2- Once reviewed and okay we will request payment via any of our payment method that is convenient to you.

Step 3- Once payment is confirmed we will begin processing of your application and send to you for online review.

Step 4- Once Revision is completed, We submit your application and schedule Biometrics if applies.

Step 5-Await email from embassy with their final Decision.

Adults Regular: USD 215

Kids(all Ages) and Adults who applied in last 10 years: USD 148

Transit Visa All Ages: 60usd

(Includes Visa Fee, Biometrics, and processing fees)


Please note above prices does not include courier fee of 3850jmd for delivery and return of passport after visa have been Approved, if your visa was denied this fee does not apply to you

Pay with NCB

NCB USD-Account Name: Travelwithkimmie

Account Number: 435820913

Branch: Fairview


NCB JMD Account Name: Travelwithkimmie

Account Number:435820867

Branch: Fairview



Pay with ScotiaBank

Scotia USD -Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 000416986

Branch: Ironshore


Scotia JMD- Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 000411611

Branch: Ironshore



Pay with JN Bank USD

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number 2094152203



Pay with VMBS JMD

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 565911568




Pay with CIBC

CIBC JMD -Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 1002317795

CIBC USD- Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 1002317796



Consultation Services Available


Want expert advise on what your chances are of being granted this visa or to know if you should apply for this visa?


 Book your Consultation today, Fees apply.

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