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Additional Information for Application Process

-Mother and father full names and date of births

- Your Relationship Status

-Person you will be staying with address, full name, phone number and relationship to you

-your current address, email address ,social media account (Facebook , Instagram, etc) and contact number

-Exact intended date of Arrival and departure in the USA

- have you ever been refused , issued a visa or been in the USA ?

-Your Social Security number & ID number (if applicable)

- have anybody ever filed for you ?

- have you ever traveled to any other country in the last 5 years?If yes state country/countries

- information for The person paying for you trip (name, address and email) if it’s you state (self)

-Your current work information - position , date you started , monthly income, address and phone number for work place and briefly describe your duties

If your current Employment/Business is less than 2 years, send the below:

Previous Employer Name

Previous Employer Address

Previous Employer Contact Number

Previous Job Title

Previous Supervisor First and Last name

Date you started working there and stopped

Briefly describe your previous Duties

If you are/were attending University/College

Please send

School Name


Contact number

Course of Study

Start date and end date

If Married/Common Law Relationship

Please send your Spouse

Full Name

Date of Birth

Parish and Country of Birth

Current Home Address

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